Silver Catalysed Formaldehyde Plant

Dynea offers formaldehyde silver catalyst technology and plants including engineering, proprietary equipment, catalyst and start-up and after-sale services. 



Dynea is the only supplier to offer the unique combination of a silver formaldehyde technology and plant design including catalyst regeneration - a complete formaldehyde technology well proven and ready to use.


No other process gives you as much formaldehyde per Euro or US dollar. Dynea Silver has the lowest operational cost (methanol, KWh, catalyst, cooling water) and highest steam export of the two formaldehyde processes. The Dynea Silver has superior overall economy due to the extensive R&D efforts and use of operational feedback.


The Dynea plant has a standard but flexible plant capacity range. Dynea normally grants a non-exclusive license to use the intellectual property to apply the Dynea Silver Process for the production of formaldehyde. Key features for the Dynea silver process are.


Safe and clean production process:

  • No hot oil; using only water/steam cooling reduces fire risk.
  • No oxygen in the absorber improves fire safety as well as product quality. 
  • The spent catalyst can be removed easily, quickly and cleanly in a few hours and re-catalysation takes less than 24 hours. 
  • Only small holding tanks are needed to serve customers during re-catalysation.
  • A "self-cleaning" vaporiser continuously removes impurities without loss of reactants.
  • Fast cooling in waste heat boiler (Very fast cooling time prevents decomposition of product). 
  • Selective formaldehyde absorption, recycling of methanol and water
  • Improved yield and product quality 

 Product quality:

  • High formaldehyde concentration, up to 57% by weight
  • Low formic acid concentration in final product, 80ppm
  • Low methanol concentration in final product, down to 0,5%